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Wireless Lego Race Car

Lego Bricks are great to use as a sketch tool. I can build a mock up, then tear it down. I can create different designs, if it didn’t worked I can tear them down and rebuild another model without wasting anything. Or I would build two models at the same time and compare them side by side, and see which one will work better.

This instructable shows you how I used Lego Bricks and components to design Lego Race Car.www.bestbuy001.com

My Lego Race Car using different wheels sizes for the front and rear. My Lego Race Car did not have front wing flap, similar to some Formula 1 race cars in 1960s.

This Lego Race Car did not used all Lego’s parts. I built this one the same way I built my R/C Lego Car. A small servo was used as the turning mechanism. And I used motor and gearbox with axle that I took out from small R/C car.

When I first started building this car. I thought of using XBee module to wirelessly receive commands from PC or Laptop. (See test video in Step 13). After I finished the car I thought of using RN XV WiFly module to receive commands from my iPod touch.

The reason to use iPod Touch (4G) as a remote control device instead of using the laptop or PC to control the car. Since the iPod Touch (or iPhone) is so small that I can hold in my hand(s), I could move around to follow the car instead of sitting at the same place with a laptop sit on my lap. You improved significantly on the previous design, and the mobile integration is excellent.

Thanks for your kind words.

seem that your RN XV do not run in AP mode, so RN XV have to join a wifi network, also there must be a web server runing apache and php in the network, all these bring great limitation. Now I have a similar project that RN_XV create a wifi network to which mobile devices can join, they exchange data with tcp protocol, no server needed.